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Set in the heart of the Igatpuri, Manas Lifestyle Resort is a luxury four star resort hotel nestled amid a rolling landscape of untouched native bush that kisses the camel valley beside. There are few locations in the world where you can so easily discover the true romance of nature. Whether you are seeking world-class cuisine, breathtaking scenery, the spirit of adventure or simply a sense of renewal, you will find it here. Experience the feeling of home in one of the most luxurious resort in Igatpuri. Every Room and Suite in Manas Lifestyle has been designed with the utmost respect for Nature, combining high-end comfort and old school hospitality. Choose your ideal room and start your holiday with us in Igatpuri.

Every room and every suite in Manas Lifestyle has been designed with the utmost respect for nature, combining high-end comfort and old school hospitality. Choose your ideal room and start your holiday in Igatpuri.

Services at Manas Lifestyle Resort are best in class with every aspect from check-in till check-out. Sstaff works their best to provide you a wonderful living enviromnment and thats what makes us the best place to stay in Igatpuri.

Manas Lifestyle Resort provides comfortable rooms and suites for a nature filled vacation.

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Address: 286-A, Taluka, Talegaon, Igatpuri, Maharashtra 422403

Email :- travelhungama@gmail.com

Mobile No. :- 9833 94 1515

Check-in: 2:00 am
Check-out: 12:00 pm

Bhatsa River Valley Igatpuri - Situated just before entering Igatpuri from Mumbai, the valley lies in the basin of the majestic Bhatsa River. At the end of the Thal Ghat, this place is rich in picturesque vegetation and beautiful rock formations.

Camel Valley Igatpuri - A few kilometers ahead of the Bhatsa river valley, lies the Camel Valley on the right. On the other side are the waterfalls that is the main attraction of this destination. The Five Waterfalls where five different water sources falls one below the other is a must visit. It can even be seen from the railway.

Tringalwadi Fort Igatpuri - Behind the Ghatandevi Temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort, situated at an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level. The height of the fort offers a scenic view of the entire area.
This fort attracts trekkers and hikers. The top of the fort looks like a turban and overlooks the entire mountain range. A Hanuman temple is located at the foot of the hill next to the Tringalwadi Lake. The Talegaon Lake formed by the small dam and is a few kilometers away from the area.

Ghatandevi Temple Igatpuri - A little ahead of Igatpuri, crossing the camel valley, a small road leads to the famous temple of Ghatandevi. It is said that this deity is known as 'the protector of the ghats'. Behind the temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort.

Kalsubai Peak Bhandardara - Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of this majestic mountain is an amazing sight in Bhandardara. It is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra, as it is the highest peak in the state.
The trek is a very tricky one and usually the experienced trekkers find their way to the top with some difficulty. There are now man-made stairs to reach the peak if you dont wish to trek. However, the hills near the Kalsubai peak are relatively easier to scale.

Vipassna Centre Igatpuri - Founded by S. N. Goenka, Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre is a mutt that offers meditation courses following the Buddha teachings.
The entrance, the large golden pagoda that marks the Centre is a landmark for Igatpuri. Many visitors come to the mutt from India and abroad.

Kulangadd Trek Igatpuri - Kulanggad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. It is the highest hill fort in the state, with the summit rising to an elevation of about 4800 feet. The fort presents a very scenic view of the other peaks surrounding it.
The peaks of Kalsubai, Dhakoba and Naneghat, among others, are visible in different directions from the peak of the fort. The fort still has remnants of large rooms, which were used probably as storerooms. There is a considerably large cave towards the right side of the entrance to the fort. Water cisterns are available at the top, along with some water tanks. The ascent to the fort goes through neatly rock-carved steps.

Bitangad Trek Igatpuri - Bitangad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. One of the many such forts in the district of Nasik, it rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground.
The summit of the hill is very small and not much is left on it. There is a cave on the way up, and some cisterns of water at the top. The plateau at the top is covered with dense vegetation, and offers a very nice view of the peaks in the Kalsubai range.

Sandhan Valley Igatpuri - Famously termed as ‘Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon’, Sandhan Valley is located in Ahmednagar of North Maharashtra in the Sahyadri region (Western Ghats). This amalgamation of a canyon and a valley can be found near the Bhandardara region, in a village called Samrad, as a deep rock in between two mountain ranges. It is ideal for any adventure enthusiast or just for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone, away from busy crowds of tourists. However, one requires some level of past trekking experience and a high level of fitness and stamina to be able to go on this challenging trek.
Teeming with unique outdoor activities and nature experiences, Sandhan Valley is approximately 200 feet deep and 2 kilometres long. The valley is such that the sun’s rays are unable to reach it at some points, giving it its famous nickname of ‘The Valley of Shadows’. The Sandhan Valley is surrounded by many mountain ranges, including Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ajoba and Ratangad.

Ashoka Waterfall Nashik - Vihigaon Waterfall is a perfectly refreshing weekend getaway in the lap of nature's bounty near Nashik. The waterfall is known for its captivating natural beauty and the 120 feet fall where the visitors can engage in rappelling for about 30 minutes. The hike stretch to the falls through the woods is also quite fascinating.

Myanmar Gate Igatpuri - Myanmar Gate is the entrance to the famous Dhamma Giri Math and Vipassana Meditation Centre in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. A narrow winding road takes you to the gate which is graced with beautiful architecture and ornate decorations. The gate itself is a popular tourist spot and is inspired from the Thailand style of architecture. Known to be one of the most photogenic places in the region, the gate is also surrounded by majestic mountains in the distance. There is also a little garden near the spot that is used by tourists and visitors to relax and unwind.

Kasara Ghat Igatpuri - Kasara Ghat, also known as Thal Ghat, is a mountain pass situated near Igatpuri in Maharashtra that links Nasik to Mumbai. Perched at a height of 585 metres, Kasara Ghat is surrounded by lush green hills and enchanting natural beauty. The mountain pass is situated in the Sahyadris range of the Western Ghats and it provides road and rail connectivity from the Eastern part to the Western Part. The place is usually popular among nature lovers and adventurists.

You can enjoy a small trek in the hills and find your way to the nearby waterfalls that are an epitome of natural beauty. Covered in fog, the place looks like a slice of heaven brought on the earth. Several people come here to unwind from the hustle bustle of the city while some others also visit here to celebrate a quiet picnic with their loved ones amidst pristine environment and scintillating views. However, in the past, the pass has experienced several notorious accidents so it is advisable to be super cautious and careful while driving here.

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